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Raw Materials

Customers approached BJG Trading to reformulate their product lines. The goal was to remain competitive and increase profitability. BJG Trading reached out to its network of partner suppliers and found suppliers of Carboxy Methyl Cellulose, Tripolyphosphate and Sodium Saccharin. These new sources of raw materials helped customers reformulate and grow the business.

Aruba Aloe

One success story is Aruba Aloe. The company wanted to launch a new line of soap products to broaden the product offerings. BJG Trading was requested to identify sources of raw materials, secure samples and submit costs for the project. BJG Trading was able to source and supply the raw materials for the project. This is an example of the close working relationship between BJG Trading and its customers. Today this is a growing product line with new projects waiting to be launched.

Pet Products

Another success story is a Pet Products manufacturer which needed to change a product, due to competitive market forces. The historical formula did not have much technology and was outdated. The competition launched a new product with new technology. The Pet Product manufacturer approached BJG Trading to counteract the market change.

BJG Trading studied the literature for current technology changes and identified several options to counter the market change. Based on years of experience and industry contacts. BJG Trading was able to provide a solution to the technology change, by working with the client to finding the right technology and the right manufacturing process.