“We can give you access to domestic and overseas sources for just about any chemical or water treatment product you need—chlorine, alum, DE, cellulose, sodium bicarbonate, marcite…you name it. And we’re always open to establishing all kinds of new relationships to expand our menu of products, resources and services.”
—Gus Galdo | President, BJG Trading

About us

About BJG Trading

Established in 2005, BJG Trading Corporation opened its doors as an import/export business dedicated to growing and expanding our customers’ products and services in profitable niches around the world. Since that time, we have established a formidable contacts and customer base—spanning the Caribbean, Central and South America, Japan, Australia, Europe and Saudi Arabia, in addition to the U.S. market—thanks to strong, repeat business relationships with a broad range of customers in need of specialty chemicals, water treatment supplies, swimming pool equipment and related accessories.

Behind the scenes, BJG is led by the capable and skilled guidance of our founder Gus Galdo—a seasoned veteran with more than 30 years of experience in the import/export trade. With a career that began at B.F. Goodrich selling chemicals to the water treatment, cosmetics and cleaning products industries for seven years, Gus eventually parlayed his sales knowledge into a 22-year residence with leading pool chemical and water treatment manufacturer BioLab where he served as their Export Sales Manager. With BJG Trading, Gus has embarked on the most successful leg of his professional journey thus far.

Today, with an ever-expanding client base, BJG Trading prides itself on providing impeccable customer service with a personal touch for all business transactions—ensuring a seamless experience for all of our partners and customers around the world. In addition to our superior customer service, BJG Trading is pleased to offer the following value-added services and expertise:

  • Market research for a geographical area or industry
  • Collection of receivables
  • Bilingual communication in Spanish/English
  • Guidance in Export issues relating to shipments, customs, IMO and documentation
  • Forecasting, Negotiation and Business Development
  • Total business transactions, research sourcing, procurement (sell, credit, banking
    arrangements, freight forwarding, service)
  • Customer relationship for a geographical area or industry